Vintage Gurley Candles

 Collectors Guide to Antique Halloween Decorations


Halloween Sets

Halloween Candles Gurley Novelty Candles
Vintage Cat Candles
Vintage Ghost Candles
Vintage Jack O'Lantern Candles
Vintage Owl Candles
Vintage Scarecrow Candles
(Pumpkin Man)
Vintage Skeleton Candles
Vintage Skull Candles
Vintage Witch Candles
Vintage Halloween Glow-in-the-Dark Candles
Miscellaneous Halloween Candles
Reproduction Chocolate Molds

5" Ghost

6" Witch's Head & Hat

8" Witch

Vintage Thanksgiving Gurley Candles
Notes to Collectors The numbers used to designate the different Gurley Candles are not official in any way. I created my own system to help me organize this site, and they are subject to change.

Some of the dimensions were estimated from photos. If anyone has more information, old catalogs, better pictures, or can make corrections, please email Rusty at

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