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10-Pocket Page

The 10-pocket fits smaller cards like the Irish Series, Album Stickers, and 1974 Tattoos.  These pages are actually made for Business Cards and should be available at Office Supply Stores.

Sometimes the pockets are a little snug, and the stickers go in easier if you slide a credit card through the pocket first.


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1 Pocket Pages Sales Sheets, Flattened Boxes, Large Wrappers
2 Pocket Pages Wax Wrappers
3 Pocket Pages  
4 Pocket Pages Wacky Ads, Bonus Stickers, Unopened Packs, PSA Cards
6 Pocket Pages Empty Foil Wrappers
8 Pocket Pages Horizontal Wackys, Wackys in Sleeves
9 Pocket Pages Regular Stickers and Puzzle Pieces
10 Pocket Pages Album Stickers, Irish Series, 1974 Tattoos
12 Pocket Pages  
15 Pocket Pages 1974 Tattoos (with help)
Pog Pages Wacky Caps (Pogs)
Card Sleeves Regular Stickers
Team Sleeves Bagged Sets
Graded Card Sleeves Wacky Ads, Bonus Stickers, Unopened Packs, PSA Cards
Art Portfolio Posters, Iron-Ons, Party Packs

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