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1974 Tattoo Series

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The 1974 Wacky Packages Tattoos were meant as a set of 60 images, numbered 1A-30A and 1B-30B.  However, numbers 12A, 13B, and 23B were never issued, leaving the set at 57 titles. (See the Lost Tattoos)

unopened tattoo

The Wacky Tattoos came wrapped around a piece of gum.  The tattoo was printed on the back side of the wrapper, so most have minor fold lines and a small tear on top. 

tattoo wrapper                      camals tattoo

It's rather easy to slide the gum out of an unopened pack, see which tattoo you have, and then slide the gum back in.  There are also rare examples of "unfolded" tattoos without tears, which were never packaged.

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Wacky Packages Tattoos Checklist

1A - Snarlamint  
2A - Gadzooka Gum  
3A - Cover Ghoul
4A - Grazin Bran
5A - Jail-O
6A - Krazy Crackers
7A - Peter Pain
8A - Dopey Whip
9A - Beanball
10A - Dampers
11A - Blue Beanie
12A - (not issued)
13A - Chef Girl-ar-dee
14A - Spills Bros
15A - Brittle Soap Pads
16A - Smith Sisters
17A - Crust Toothpaste
18A - Glutton Mustard
19A - Kook-Aid
20A - Liquid Bomber
21A - Ditch Masters
22A - Ha Ha Crackers
23A - Rabid Shave
24A - Wormy Packages
25A - Triks Cereal
26A - Cram
27A - Neveready Battery
28A - Liptorn Soup
29A - Gloom Toothpaste
30A - Cheapios (no title)
1B - Bum Bums Candy
2B - Wheez-it Crackers
3B - Sweat Hard Soap
4B - No-Tips
5B - Kook Cigarettes
6B - Super Cigar Crisp
7B - Chicken Fat Detergent
8B - Vile Soap
9B - Sneer
10B - Mrs. Klean
11B - Awful Bits
12B - Crakola Crayons
13B - (not issued)
14B - Ditch Boy Paint
15B - Bit-O-Money
16B - Camals Cigarettes
17B - Hipton Tea Bags
18B - Sugarmess Gum
19B - Play Dumb (no title)
20B - Ajerx
21B - Grass Wax
22B - Tied Detergent
23B - (not issued)
24B - Blecch Shampoo
25B - Sailem Cigarettes
26B - Horrid Deodorant
27B - Raw Goo Sauce
28B - Mold Rush Gum
29B - Bald
30B - Milk-Foam


Since we can only see the application side of the tattoo, the print is always backwards.  To see all 57 Wacky Tattoos, pick either



1974 Wacky Packages Tattoos


1974 Wacky Packages Tattoos


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