1974 Wacky Packages Sew-on Patches

Topps put out a set of 12 Sew-on Wacky Patches with several variations. The titles were Ajerx, Crakola, Crust, Fang, Gadzooka, Grave Train, Jail-O, Kook-Aid, Neveready, Poopsie, 6-up, & Wormy Packages

There were also at least 2 WACKY PATCHES TEST SETS

These first six titles -- Ajerx, 6-up, Grave Train, Jail-O, Poopsie, and Fang -- seem to have no variations in the regular runs. Often the black thread on Jail-O is very thick and the character is hard to see, but this seems to be a manufacturing issue and not a variation.

However, Ajerx, 6-up, and Grave Train do appear slightly different in the Test Sets.

ajerx patch6up patchgravetrain patch

jail-o patch

poopsie patchfang patch

Gadzooka came in two different styles. One with rounded corners (top picture) and one with square-cut corners (bottom picture).

gadzooka patch

Neveready changed in mid-production.  The early sets had a gray background (right) and later runs had a baby-blue background (left).  Most Nevereadys pulled from leftover full boxes are the blue version.

neveready patches

Crust came with either a light blue or dark blue border.   Notice also that the blues are reversed in the word CRUST.

crust patches

Kook-Aid also came with either square-cut corners (left) or rounded corners (right).

kook wacky patches

Wormy Packages had a rough edge in the early sets with sparse stitching around the outer rim (left).  Later runs were clean cut with sharp edges (right).

Wormy packages PATCHES


There are six Wormy Packages color combinations.  The three worms being different colors,  from left to right (first color also being the border color)--

1. purple, pink, green
2. purple, green, pink
3. green, pink, purple
4. green, purple, pink
5. pink, purple, green
6. pink, green, purple

The Crakola patch has the most variations of any Wacky Pack ever made.  After examining a few dozen, there seems to be only 4 different sewing patterns.  But they are used with so many color combinations in the crayon pieces, that there may be over 800 variations in all.

Crakola patches

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Wacky Pack Mystery Patch


Kooky Patches


Kooky Patches by N. G. Slater


Daffy Patches


1974 Daffy Patches by Three Fish Inc.

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