Wacky Packages Original Series

1974 - 10th Series


Heavy Trash Bags

10 Ruptures

Holds 80 Lbs. Of Garbage!

Laugh While Your Garbage Man Struggles



Spoof of  Hefty


Jonathan Winters for Hefty


From an Aug. 2000 interview -- Comedian Jonathan Winters, a man so talented he can do credible impressions of a chicken or an egg, finds himself at age 74 lamenting the demise of "clowns" and the rise of "freaks" in the center ring of popular culture.

Drawing a parallel between the circus sideshows of yesteryear and lurid scenes of TV confession and confrontation orchestrated by the likes of Jerry Springer, Winters said he is sometimes appalled at what passes for entertainment today. "Now the freaks are on television, the freaks are in the movies," he said. "And it's no longer the sideshow, it's the whole show. The colorful circus and the clowns and the elephants, for all intents and purposes, are gone, and we're dealing only with the freaks."

Winters sees political correctness and racial polarization as having left Americans increasingly uneasy with one another, to the point where "we have started to lose our humor. Not just jokes. I mean humor, period." "We are so terribly afraid of each other," he said. "We now in America are the most paranoid group of people."

Series 10 Wacky Packages 10th Series 30 Titles & 2 Puzzles
Hard to Find Titles
Pupsi Cola
(pulled from production)

10th Series Common Titles
Bigtumi Mold Power
Bum Baked Beans Mountain Goo
Caraid Nutt's Apple Sauce
Casket Oscar Moron Bacon
Coffin-Mate Painters Nuts
Diet Frite Cola Pepto-Dismal
Fishey-Prize Toys PoopedRidge Farm
Greaseline Ruden's Cough Drops
Hairy Lee Stove Glop
Heavy Trash Bags Sunsweat Prune Juice
Life Servers Tic-Toc
Lox Soap Uncle Bum's
Milk of Amnesia Underworld Ham

Overly Abundant Titles

Badzooka,     Clunky,      Scary Jane

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10th Series Puzzle & Checklists  Badzooka Puzzle

Checklist with Pupsi

Checklist without Pupsi




Checklists were printed both with and without Pupsi.
10th Series

Rough Art

Clunky rough Mountain Goo rough
Coffin-Mate rough Oscar Moron rough
Greaseline rough Pupsi Cola rough
Life Servers rough Ruden's rough
Lox rough Tic-Toc rough
Unpublished Roughs
Blundergood Dyna Mite
Curat Uncle Bum's Dice
10th Series

Uncut Sheets

Production Sheet  4-477-05-01-4

C&D Correction Sheet

Checklist Sheet  3-477-43-01-4


Purple Wrapper  0-477-21-01-4

Unopened Packs

10th Series Display Box Blue Box  3-477-43-01-4

Shipping Case 2-477-39-01-4

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