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There was no set formula to the order of the checklists, but sometimes there are patterns showing us the person's thought process.  When making the 6th series checklist, the sheet was divided into three blocks to represent the three text columns.  The first block consisted of 12 titles, of which the type-setter needed 11.  You can see below how he went through the titles.

The #4 title (Bum Bums) was omitted.  This was probably the original placement of Soggy Babies, which was removed from the 6th series due to its twin Sugar Daffy.  The actual products, Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddy, are basically the same candy by the same company but sold in different forms.

Moving through the titles, the setter found Peter Pain Peanut Butter to be too long for this first column and skipped over it.  Leaving him with only 10 wackys, Airraid was chosen from the next block to be #11.

For the center text, he took Peter Pain from the first block and moved straight across into the next block for #13 through 16.

Back to the top for #17 & #18, then stopped.  He decided this would be the widest text column and searched the remaining wackys for the longest titles.  Again, to clean out the block, he took My Sink Perfume as #19, then went to the last block for #20-22.

For the last text column, he finished up the middle block, going from top to bottom.

Then went in a spiral motion on the last block for titles #27-32.

Finally, Bum Bums Candy was added and listed last on the checklist, even though it is a little too long for this text column.  Then Soggy Babies was later added to the 7th Series, making it the last title on that sheet.

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The Checklist side of the Puzzle mistakenly listed Goodman's  Noodles and Spills Bad, rather than Goonman's and Spills Bros. These were later corrected, leaving us with two different versions.
6th Series Puzzle & Checklists
Mold Rush Puzzle

Goodman's/Spills Bad Checklist

Goonman's/Spills Bros. Checklist

Checklist Art

How the Checklist Order was Chosen

6th Series Uncut Production Sheets
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