Wacky Packages Old School

Wacky Sketches by Jay Lynch

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Use Ajerx Exotic Chef Girl-ar-dee Cheddarfield Kook Big Nose Beanie Quacker Oats Eye Popper Cap'n Crud
Batz Fish-Bone Gadzooka Teacher Drono Dums Chicken Fat Jay Lynch Cheddarfield Old Fool
Dums What? Me wacky? Hungry Jerk Qreep Spaz Ajerx Wrapper Kid Bubble Yuk Gadzooka Teacher
Jay Lynch Cap'n Crud Cheddarfield Fish-Bone Pupsi Demented Tomatoes Dr. Popper Gadzooka Kid Beanie Guy with Girl
Bubble Yuk Sweaty Bloodshot Guy 15th Avenue Full Color Beanie Quacker Oats Chef Girl-ar-dee
What? Me wacky? Full Color Moron Kook Bubble Yuk Qreep Fat Cat
Aquax Fat Neck with Beanie Koduck Quacker Oats Cheddarfield Cap'n Crud Chicken Fat Pupsi Batz
Cap'n Crud 15th Avenue Dr. Popper Chicken Fat Dums Double Take Gadzooka Kid Spaz Koduck
Demented Tomatoes Pupsi Umbrella Spaz Chompers Hungry Jerk Hungry Jerk Drono Kissing Couple
Gadzooka Teacher Art Spiegelman Ajerx Rules Cap'n Crud Wrapper Kid Wandering Eye Cheddarfield Kook 15th Avenue



Wacky Packages Wacky Packages Old School Series - 33 Titles
Bark Cigarettes
Batz Beer
BC Cola
Blam-O Frisbie
Booze On Tap
Bubble Yuk Gum
Cheddarfield Cigarettes
Crappy Magazine Covers
15th Avenue Candy
Franken Brainy
Fruit Stripped Gum
Funny Taste
Gee, Your Hair Smells Horrific
Hickory Fools
Hi-Sea Punch
Jim Mean Whiskey
Little Trash
Odor Pops
Project 19
Putz Vitamins
Qreep Cereal
Shovin Spoonfuls
Spackel Candy
Strokes Beer
24-7 Slopee
Wacky Sketch Cards by Jay Lynch

Wacky Pack Characters:

Bubble Yuk
Cap'n Crud
Chef Girl-ar-dee
Chicken Fat
Dr. Ono
Dr. Popper
15th Avenue
Fish Bone
Gadzooka (Kid)
Gadzooka (Teacher)
Hungry Jerk
Quacker Oats
Wrapper Kid

Non-Wacky Characters:

(incomplete list)

Art Spiegelman
Big Nose with Beanie
Beanie Guy with Girl
Double Take
Eye Popper
Fat Cat
Fat Neck with Beanie
Freaky Faces
Full Color Beanie
Full Color Moron
Gooseneck Guy with Beanie
Guy in Suit
Jay Lynch with Beanie

Kissing Couple
Old Fool
Rat Boy
Self Portrait

Sweaty Bloodshot Guy
Wandering Eye

Rough Art  

coming soon


Dropped Titles


BC Promo Card

Old School Box

Old School Checklist

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