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Lost Wackys  1967 - 1977

"Janitor in a Slum"

We assume Janitor was painted for the 1967 Die-Cuts .

janitor unfinished painting

Janitor in a Slum / He Doesn't Clean Anything / Not Even Himself !

Your Floor Will Be No Cleaner

More than a rough drawing, Norm Saunders actually painted the character and his pile of flat-top beer cans, but Janitor was left unfinished.

janitor in a drum

Almost 40 years later, I've used bits and pieces from some of Norm's other wackys to get an idea of what Janitor in a Slum might have looked like.  The original unfinished art is still owned by Topps.


Actual Product:  Janitor in a Drum

janitor in a drumjanitor in a drum


Update: Janitor has finally been published in Wacky Pack Flashback

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