Wacky Packages in Popular Music

The Wacky Packages Anthem

"Cynthetic Ceiling" wrote a song called  Wacky Packs  in 2003



"I collected them because they meant a lot to me...

So many green designs, vibrations of a time gone by...

I still have my first stickers, Series 2, 3, 4, and 5...

Wacky Packs, Wacky Packages, part of '73...

They look so fine, all the time..."


Cynthetic Ceiling

Synthetic Sailing CD      ( Release Date: September 10, 2003 )

North of January

North of January is pleased to announce the release of Cynthetic Ceiling's Synthetic Sailing. Cynthetic Ceiling is a side project of Jim Rao (Orange Cake Mix) with a few friends popping in here and there. The cd contains all synthesized sounds without guitars...space age love songs / spacepop / spacerock / spacey trance drones...the silver cover says it all.  Includes the anthem for a generation ''Wacky Packs'' as well as Perry/Kingsley / Todd Rundgren inspired instrumental passages such as ''Silver Raindrops''and ''Anything/Something". Reference points : Brian Wilson / Todd Rundgren / OMD / BMX Bandits / Antonio Carlos / Jobim / Robert Fripp and Brian Eno / Ohio Express / Jean Jaques Perry and Gershon Kingsley / Denim/Rocketship / His Name is Alive / Fila Brazilia and too many others to mention.  Limited edition tinfoil and transparency packaging. 13 songs. 44:44 of blissful pop and music for silver pillows.

CD Track Listing:

001: Wacky Packs
002: Silver Raindrops
003: I Wanna Live my Whole Life In A Song
004: Feel the Love Inside
005: Won't You Tell Me if it's Too Late to Go
006: Summerbliss
007: It Gets The Best of Us
008: Dreaming of Rainbows in the Sun
009: Warm Blanket
010: Paper Boats
011: Anything/Something
012: I Wanna Feel the Same Way All the Time Like When You're Next to Me
013: Still Feeling the Love Inside
014: Synthetic Sailing


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