The Simpsons - Packy Wack Cards

In 2001, InkWorks put out a set called Simpsons-Mania.    It included a sub-set of 18 Wacky Packages type cards entitled "Packy Wacks".   They featured Wacky Products that we might find in Springfield, and the cards have ads and recipes on the backs.

packy wackspacky wacks


P2, an early preview card, also featured a Packy Wack --

"Gee, Your Hair Smells Krusty"




1 Simpsons Mania! [Title Card] Treehouse Cards
Character Cards 37 Flaming Willie
2 Comic Book Guy 38 Homer in the Box
3 Professor Frink 39 Witch Marge
4 Fat Tony 40 Dracula Burns
5 Number One 41 The "Simpsters"
6 Gil 42 Alien Maggie
7 Birch Barlow 43 Brew 'n' Stew
8 Disco Stu 44 Donut Homer
9 Dolph 45 Werewolf Ned
10 Wendell Packy Wack Cards
11 Uter 46 Barnacle Bill's Home Pregnancy Test 
12 Baby Gerald 47 Krusty O's
13 Helen Lovejoy 48 Krusty Kologne
14 Maude Flanders 49 Krusty Kough Syrup
15 Lucius Sweet 50 Jackie O's
16 Drederick Tatum 51 Cheezus H. Rice
17 Cletus Del Roy 52 Uncle Jim's Country Fillin'
18 Brandine Del Roy 53 Much Ado About Stuffing
19 Luann vanHouten 54 Sulfuric Acid
20 Kirk vanHouten 55 Duff Beer
21 Ucolin & Cesar 56 Buzz Cola
22 Ernst & Gunter 57 Southern Cracker
23 Jacques 58 Strawberrito
24 Chef Luigi 59 Lard Lad Donut Clumps
25 Akira 60 Powersauce
26 Sideshow Raheem 61 Soy Pop
27 Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabbadoo 62 Squishee
28 McBabe 63 Heat Lamp Dogs
29 Inanimate Carbon Rod Bart Gallery Cards
30 Stuart The Duck 64 Robbie Conal (Guerilla Artist)
31 Mr. Pinchy 65 Chris Yambar
32 Homer '74 66 Peter Kuper
33 Marge '74 67 Sergio Aragones
34 Principal Dondelinger '74 68 Dan Brereton
35 Barney '74 69 Bill Morrison
36 Artie Ziff '74 70 Craig Bartlett
  71 Tony Bennett
  72 Simpsons Mania! [Checklist]


Wacky Packages artists Jay Lynch, Art Spiegelman, and Mark Newgarden have known Simpsons creator Matt Groening for years.  Before the Simpsons, they all worked on comic strips for alternative newspapers.  Also, in the 1960's, Harry Shearer (voice of Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, etc.) was an editor for SATYR (the UCLA college humor magazine)  where Lynch and Spiegelman published cartoons.

simpsons mania

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