Non-Wacky Stuff

Here are some Wacky-Like sets, which have been put out by different companies over the years.



1931 Ballyhoo Card Game




1950's Wacky Whiskey Labels


foney ads ratz


1962 Foney Ads (Leaf)



1965 Nutty Initials




1967 Who Am I?




1973 Crazy Covers (Fleer)
at Tom's Wacky Packages Page


pink pansy


1974 Magnetic Signs


Wanted Stickers


1974 Wanted Stickers




Super Fantastic Iron-On Transfers




1975 Wacky Jigsaw Puzzles


1976 Mad Ad Foldees (Topps)  


1979 Crazy Labels (Fleer)
at Tom's Wacky Packages Page


quacker oats


Wacky Banks




Krazy Kups


goofy-spoof-buttons Goofy Spoofs  
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1980 Chug-A-Cans (Fleer)

Chug-A-Can II

Crazy Cans

Crazy Can II




Crazy Spray Can  
fluoride floyd


1980's Garbage Pail Kids

See CRUST in Garbage Pail Kids Series 5

See ALL-BRAIN in Garbage Pail Kids Series 9



1985 Zilly Zereals  
stair wars


1988 Crazy Video Candy


defective comics


1993 Defective Comics




1997 Freakie Stickers


duff beer


2001 Packy Wacks


foney ads ratz


2001 Silly CDs


pranky products


2001 Pranky Products


peta stickers


2002 PETA's Wacky Stickers




2002 Package Parodies




2003 Silly Supermarket Stickers


cruel kyle


2004 PETA's Chicken Chumps




2006 Cereal Killers




2007 MAD Magazine Spoofs



Hollywood Zombies




Joke Can Labels





Cracked Magazine's Cracked Wrappers

Crazy Magazine's Loony Labels

Mad Magazine's Mad Labels

Dynomite Magazine Stuff at Ernie's Wacky Place

Ballyhoo Magazine Ads


Many Wacky Collectors have dreamed up their own titles.

I even made one myself, called "Wonder Broad".

wonder broad

Here are the sites of a few fellow collectors, who just love drawing their own wackys.

Martin Maenza

Gary Browning

Charles Barnard


dvr Wacky Packages mad-magazine

dvd tivo cd garbage pail kids cracked magazine

star trek college humor cartoons mars attacks artist fart

adultswim nonsport nonsports comedy dvds wacky fun


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