Wacky Whiskey Labels

by Par Beverage Corp., Cincinnati, OH

Nelson Ronsheim was a self-employed commercial artist in Cincinnati, who wrote and designed these gag bottles for Par Beverage in the 1950's.  They were sold as novelties through Stucky's restaurants in little bottles of sugar-water, and some continued into the 1970's.  Nelson was also a photographer of note, whose work was shown in galleries across the country in the late 30's and early 40's.

Known Titles:

Old Snake Bite,  Polecat Spraight Whifkey,  Old Croak,  Blot & Wipe,  Four Noses,  Pond & Lizzard,  Old Grand-Gag,  Gored-em's,  Daniel Booze,  Sudden Discomfort,  Davey Crocked,  James The Peeper,  Old Bar Stool,  Three Fathers,  Scream of Kentucky,  Old Grand-Pa,  Lord Culprit,  Old Mr. Boastin',  Tipsy Belle,  Johnny Wobbler,  Old Dog Cabin,  Old Funny Book,  Hawg & Hawg,  Old Overcoat,  Haunter

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