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1997 Freakie Stickers

Three Freakie Stickers were made for Freakie Magnet Magazine back in 1997 - Monkey Arms, Quap, and Brewberry.

monkey arms, qwap, brewberry

The magazine was devoted to collectors of cereal boxes and cereal prizes.

scummy mummy, dodo puffs, mice krispies, count calculus

But they did a special parody issue which talked about Wacky Packages.

fattenberry, vavoom, olden crisp

Fans sent in their own versions of Wacky Pack style cereal boxes, but only three were made into stickers to be given away with the parody issue.

freakie stickers

They had plans to do a series of 18 stickers, to be given away with later issues, but nothing came of it.

freakie stickers

There were also a couple entries based on the old "Funny Face" pouches ( a Kool-Aid type drink mix).

freakie stickers


The Magazine's Parody Issue copied the Cookie Crisp Cereal Wacky Packages box from 1982 showing Wackys on the cover, and offered

"FREE INSIDE - 3 Freakie Magnet Trading Cards"

freakie magnet #9


Here's An UnCut Sheet of the three winning entries.

freakie sheet

BrewBerry (by J. Riley), Qwap (by B. Deegan), and Monkey Arms (by M. Kirscht) were the only 3 stickers produced and given out with the magazine.

However, with the recent new interest in Wackys, some of the other titles have shown up on eBay, falsely labeled as Wacky Packages and Lost Wackys, with mismatched upside-down borders.



Breakfast with Barfie

Brew Berry

Bummy Scummy Mummy

Count Calculus

DoDo Puffs


Goatmeal Crisp

Hex Cereal

Mice Krispies

Monkey Arms

Olden Crisp


Toot Loops


Yucky Charms




Slummy Face - Grimey Grape

Slummy Face - Leaky Lumpy Lemon

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