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This is Series 2 of a Limited Edition Set of three Wacky Packages postcards released by Topps and sold on their online store. The Postcards are numbered and signed by artist Neil Camera.


2008 Wacky Packages Series 2 Limited Edition Postcards

Wacky Packages Limited Edition Postcards Series 2
Designed by Wacky artist Neil Camera, each   postcard boasts a brand new Wacky Packages
  parody gag!
Each individual Postcard is Signed & Numbered
  by the artist
Series 2 Artist Signed Edition is Limited to
  only 250 Sets
Three Full Color Postcards in each Set
Postcards feature Authentic Postcard back
Exclusively from the Topps Online Store
Includes a matching numbered sketch card

Mutty Bars Bonus Card

included with each 3-postcard set!

This product is not authorized or endorsed by any of the companies who are the subject of parody.
The products we are spoofing -- including our own -- are all good ones, no kidding.


The postcards - Swiss Moose, Mummy-D, and Cheatas - are based on Lost Wackys


Each set of three signed postcards came with a Mutty Bars Bonus Card

and one of three wacky sketchcards --

Swiss Moose sketch,   Mummy-D sketch,  or  Cheatas sketch


(note the cigarette butt in this ad for The Topps Vault eBay Auctions which accompanied my postcards)

Series 1 Postcards came out in 2007

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