New Vending Machine Wackys

Wacky Packages Special Edition (WPS)

WPS  Series  2

vending wacky packages series 2

New Series 2 Vending Machine Wacky Packages


  #1 – Head & Boulders Shampoo

  #2 – Hostile Thinkies

  #3 – Koduck

  #4 – Kook-Aid

  #5 – Mr. Stubble

  #6 – My Little Phony

  #7 – Tied Derergent

  #8 – Grand Theft Audio

  #9 – Slop Tarts

#10 – SNEEZ-IT

#11 – Gearios

#12 – Dork Peppermint Potty

#13 – Clodlike

#14 – Badzooka & Chumps (2 stickers)

#15 – Creep Toothpaste & Life Servers (2 stickers)





These stickers are officially licensed from Topps.

WPS Series 2 was Released September 2005


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WPS Vending Stickers Bling Pup Header Chimps Ahoy Header Vending Machine WPS Series 2
vending stickers header card header card vending machine wps series 2

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