Wacky Packages Original Series

4th Series 1973


Shakey Gatorade Thirst Quencher

Made From Freshly Squeezed Alligators.

Spoof of  Gatorade


Gatorade is the thirst-quenching drink like lemonade that was originally developed for the Florida Gators football teamA team of flagging football players was the original inspiration for the invention of Gatorade. In 1965, a University of Florida football coach asked the college’s physicians for help in keeping his players energized in the blistering heat. Targeting the loss of fluid, electrolytes, and carbohydrates that came along with intense exertion, the doctors set about making a drink mix that would help replace those elements before exhaustion could set in.

The final product was Gatorade, and it quickly made its mark. The University of Florida Gators finished the 1965-66 season with a 7-4 record, their first winning season in more than a decade. The following season, they played in and won the Orange Bowl for the first time ever. After that 1967 victory, other college football teams began ordering batches of Gatorade, as did professional NFL teams, and later, other types of sports teams. Gatorade is now the official sports drink of the NFL, NBA, PGA, and Major League Baseball, among other leagues.

Series 4 4th Series 1973 -- 32 Titles & 2 Puzzles
wacky packages

Rare Titles

wacky packages
Bum Chex   &   Choke Wagon

(both pulled from production)

wacky packages

Hard to Find Titles

wacky packages
Mess Clairoil   &   Windhex

(replacements for Bum Chex & Choke Wagon)

4th Series Uncommon Stickers
wacky packages

4th Series Common Stickers

wacky packages
Overly Abundant Stickers Cheapios,       Fang,       Wormy Packages
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4th Series Variations The checklist side of the puzzles list either Bum Chex & Choke Wagon, or their replacements Mess Clairoil & Windhex. Although Bum and Choke are scarce stickers, their puzzle is not.
4th Series
Rough Art
none found
Lost Wackys / Unpublished Titles Buggies   &   Winsome
4th Series Puzzle & Checklists
Wormy Packages Puzzle

Bum Chex Checklist

Mess Clairoil Checklist

Checklist Art

4th Series Uncut Production Sheets
wacky packages

Wax Wrappers

wacky packages
0-436-21-01-3 (Yellow)

0-436-85-01-3 (Yellow)

4th Series Display Box
1-436-40-01-3 (Blue)

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