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The Rough Art to Cover Ghoul is unique in many ways.  Besides being the only rough found from the 1967 DieCut Series, it is also the oldest wacky pack item known to exist. 

Dated January 1967, Cover Ghoul was obviously drawn on a drafting table, probably within the Topps art studio.  Other known roughs (3rd - 16th series) were done more quickly and casually.  Usually the artists were freelance and worked from home.  These later roughs ranged in size from normal 8x11's to a mere 3" in size.  Sometimes the artist would have an idea while out with friends and turn in a sketch on a napkin.

With four concept drawings, showing the progression of the artist's work, Cover Ghoul is the only original series title found with more than one sketch.  And at a whopping 17"x 22", the ghoul rings in as the largest wacky art piece.



Die Cut Series

Wacky Packages Die Cuts -- 44 Titles


3 Rare Titles


Ratz Crackers,      Cracked Animals

Jolly Mean Giant #21 variation

Uncommon Titles
Campy Spider Soup
Demented Tomatoes
Jolly Mean Giant #43
Moron Salt
Muller Low Life
Common Die Cuts
Alcohol Seltzer
Boredom's Coffee
Camals Cigarettes
Cover Ghoul
Crust Toothpaste
Dopey Whip
Gadzooka Gum
Hostage Cupcakes
Minute Lice
Mrs. Klean
Mutts Juice
Paul Maul
Pure Hex
Spray Nit
Tied Detergent
Overly Abundant Titles
Breadcrust Hash
Chock Full O'Nuts
Cracked Jerk
Grave Train
Maddie Boy
Quacker Oats
6 Up
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 Variations Several Number Variations exist

An Unnumbered Die Cut Set was tested in 1972

Lost Wackys/ Unpublished Titles Janitor-in-a-Slum

Rough Art


Cover Ghoul Rough Art

Camals Line Art


Production Sheets


Uncut Production Sheet

Uncut Box Sheet


Die Cut Wrapper


 0-414-90-01-7 (Yellow)

Display Boxes


 1-414-37-01-7 (Campy)

1-414-37-01-8 (Tasty)

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