1980 Chug-A-Can Candy (Fleer)

1st Series Store Display and Box

Chug-A-Cans were about 2" tall, filled with candy, and had a flip-top lid.  Although 16 of the 20 titles were beer-related, notice the kids on the display are only holding the soda-pop parodies.

chug-a-cans display


chug-a-cans box

There were twenty Chug-A-Can first Series titles -- #1 Scores,  #2 Bushy Barbarian,  #3 Dr. Schlepper,  #4 But Wiser,  #5 Bite,  #6 Milder Low Life,  #7 Belches,  #8 To-Burp Bold,  #9 Splitz Beer,  #10 Fallstiff,  #11 Flab,  #12 Lowbrow,  #13 Heinekant,  #14 Bail-in-Time,   #15 Peril,  #16 Rocking Roll,  #17 Von Schultz, #18 Pickelob,  #19 Preppie,  #20 Nevercansit

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chug a cans chug a cans 2 crazy cans crazy cans 2
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chug-a-cans display   crazy can box crazy can 2 box

Counter Display


Crazy Can
Counter Display

Crazy Can II
Counter Display

Crazy Spray Cans

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