The Addams Family Trading Cards

by Donruss Co. 1964

As with The Munsters card set, The Addams Family set remains one of the most popular sets from the 1960's. Demand is always high for The Addams Family cards, but fortunately nice condition cards are relatively easy to locate.

There are no reported short prints for this set though certain cards tend to be "demand scarce" (such as the better portrait cards).  Card backs form a giant photo puzzle.

A curious element in The Addams Family set centers around the use of "fake faces" for some of the supporting bit players. As seen in card #63, the image of the two men has been artistically altered to mask the actors' true identities. Card hobby rumor has it that this was done in order to minimize licensing costs for the manufacturer (Donruss), though no definitive answer has surfaced. The 1973 You'll Die Laughing set also utilizes "fake faces."

"Watch THE ADDAMS FAMILY on your local ABC station"
1964 Filmways TV Productions, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Collect all 66 cards and place backs together to make a giant photo of THE ADDAMS FAMILY


a 1964 The Addams Family by Donruss a

c   1  "Gomez" c 34  A Friend of Lurch
c  2  Somebody Drank My Embalming Fluid! c 35  I Always Play in Poison Ivy!
c  3  Feeding the Tropical Fish! c 36  "Thing"
c  4  Will the Real Granny Please Stand Up! c 37  Just Think, Our First Dead Letter
c  5  You Rang? c 38  Let's Tell Scary Stories
c  6  I Always Look Better By Candlelight c 39  The African Strangler
c  7  I'm Your New Neighbor! c 40  It Only Hurts When I Cough!
c  8  Ever Seen a Train in Orbit? c 41  Two Heads Are Always Better Than One
c  9  Of Course I Play the Piano! c 42  It's Only the Monthly Bill from the Blood Bank
c 10  This Will Stop His Headache! c 43  Bury the Next One over There!
c 11  My Brother-in-Law! c 44  "Morticia"
c 12  Only 3 More and the Cemetery Is Full c 45  Yea, Yea, Yea!
c 13  Next Time — Use Your Zip Code! c 46  I Need a Real Hair-Raising Story
c 14  Want Some Lizard Soup? c 47  He Saw Lurch!
c 15  Your Slab Will Be Ready in a Moment c 48  Look, No Dandruff!
c 16  I Really Dig You Morticia! c 49  Weaving a Wig for Fester
c 17  Got Any Ghostly Numbers? c 50  You're a Real Cut-Up Fester!
c 18  Which One? c 51  My Favorite! Devil's Food Cake
c 19  "Fester" c 52  Whaddya Mean, I Need a Man's Deodorant?
c 20  Don't Move, You'll Spoil My Shot! c 53  Son, Now Don't Scalp Fester!
c 21  Here He Comes... Now Do Your Stuff! c 54  Get Their Vote (Dead or Alive)
c 22  Yes, We Have a Room for Rent! c 55  Gotta Be Sharp for Company
c 23  I Can't Stand a Lumpy Mattress! c 56  I Won't Be Home for Dinner!
c 24  I Always Use Live Bait! c 57  Lurch Lowers the Body so Beautifully!
c 25  My Own Graveyard! c 58  Let's Eat Before He Wakes Up!
c 26  He'll Get the Point Now! c 59  Come on in the Playroom and See Our Guillotine
c 27  Your Kids Ate My Spiders c 60  What Do You Mean, Follow You?
c 28  A Few More and We'll Have Our Own Boot-Hill c 61  You've Never Heard of Guillotine
c 29  Yes, the Real Estate Is Getting Cheaper c 62  Hang Around and I'll Call the Butler!
c 30  Of Course I Ride a Broom! c 63  Go Past the Second Grave and Turn Right
c 31  It's So Nice and Gloomy In Here! c 64  House for Sale: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 1 Dungeon
c 32  What Do You Mean—Get a Receipt? c 65  The Family Hearse
c 33  What'll I Wear for Halloween? c 66  Quit Shaking the Coffin!

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