The Granddaddy of Star Trek trading cards! 

Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Sulu, Lt. Uhura, and Yeoman Janice Rand are all present and accounted for in this very first Star Trek card set that is immensely desirable, and immensely expensive.  Sadly, Scotty and Chekhov did not make the set.


A "test market" release by Leaf, 1967 Star Trek cards saw very limited distribution before being pulled from the market. Consequently, there just aren't enough cards to go around for all the Star Trek collectors who would like them.


Owing to the prohibitive price tag that accompanies 1967 Star Trek cards, many collectors choose to pick up just a few cards that feature their favorite cast members, and don't pursue the entire set.

1967 Star Trek is a first-rate example of a card set that is supply scarce and demand scarce.

Top-grade examples of card #1 are worth hundreds of U.S. dollars, partly because the thin-stock cards were easily damaged.

At the time of original printing, the cards were also printed for distribution in Europe. The cards were not released because of complications of the Desilu contract with Leaf, but uncut sheets that appear to be those cards were discovered in a warehouse by Dan Kremer Imports.

Kremer was granted permission by Paramount to liquidate these sets, and he produced numbered sets with a Certificate of Authenticity. With this provenance, you could be reasonably confident that these cards were not unauthorized reprints.

The CoA states, "Upon examination, The European set exhibits the following differences to their American counterpart. The European sets were never gloss coated (very few European cards were ever gloss coated). The cutting was poorer than the American edition (the cutting machines in Europe were early outdated cutters from the U.S.) The camera work is slightly poorer (again, inferior cameras)."



a 1967 Star Trek by Leaf a

c   1  No Time for Escape c 37  Christmas Present
c  2  Attempted Mutiny c 38  Amnesia Victim
c  3  A Grup Appears c 39  Decoy
c  4  Come In, Captain Kirk c 40  Beyond Tomorrow
c  5  Murasaki Mischief c 41  Trapped
c  6  Beam Down to Dawn c 42  Kirk Outside Spock Inside
c  7  Beside Himself c 43  Spock Takes a Job
c  8  Back Through Time c 44  Kirk Held Hostage
c  9  Horta Emerging c 45  Big Joker
c 10  Spock's Box c 46  A Scream of Pain
c 11  Spock in Command (seated) c 47  Captain's Statue
c 12  Spock in Command (standing) c 48  Call Me Senator
c 13  Befuddled Bones c 49  Into a New World
c 14  Prepare to Fire Phasers c 50  Tranquilized
c 15  Command Decision c 51  Time for Shore Leave
c 16  Kirk Battles a Gorn c 52  Ice Age
c 17  Phaser Daser c 53  Ambushed
c 18  Space Race c 54  Pain of Victory
c 19  Fight Fire With Fire c 55  Cornered
c 20  Captain's Bluff c 56  Jungle Hunt
c 21  Underground Pursuit c 57  Collision Course
c 22  The Bird c 58  Corbomite Maneuver
c 23  Teeny Bopper c 59  You Give Me a Headache
c 24  Time Warp c 60  Shore Leave Surprise
c 25  You're Kidding c 61  Killer Aboard
c 26  Beam Out c 62  Mindless Man
c 27  Burn Out c 63  Pirates at Bay
c 28  Interference Out c 64  Off Course
c 29  Not So Funny c 65  Attack by Nothing
c 30  Prisoner of the Mind c 66  Funny Little Enemies
c 31  Stalking a Killer c 67  Poison Attack!
c 32  The Earth Killer c 68  Warp Out for Rescue
c 33  Fight for Lithium c 69  Out of Control
c 34  Destruction Decision c 70  Return to the Living
c 35  Return My Ship c 71  Space Prisoner
c 36  Frozen at the Controls c 72  Raspberries

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