A tremendously popular set, Lost in Space cards feature images taken from the first year's shows with a heavy focus on the launch and subsequent "losing" of the Robinson family. As one might guess, all the major show characters are here including "the Robot", the "One Eyed Terror", and even "the Bloop!"

The card backs have their own 55-part storyline which ties all the photos together into one big episode.

Several  Lost in Space cards are severely short-printed and over-printed, making this set very tough to complete.



a 1966 Lost in Space by Space Productions a

c   1  The World Waits c 29  Alarming News
c  2  Aliens are Listening c 30  Urgent Warning
c  3  Ready for Take-Off c 31  The Ground Trembles
c  4  The Pilot Dreams c 32  The Deadly Sun
c  5  Good-Bye, Earth! c 33  Safe from the Sun
c  6  Destination - The Stars! c 34  The Robinsons Report
c  7  Ship Off Course c 35  Penny's Pet
c  8  Silence from Earth c 36  Where Is Penny?
c  9  The Mystery Below c 37  The Plants of Peril
c 10  Who Goes There? c 38  The Terrible Sight
c 11  The Stowaway c 39  The Plants' Prey
c 12  Readying the Robot c 40  Lost in Darkness
c 13  Fear on Board c 41  The Mystery Ship
c 14  Terror Strikes c 42  Running for Help
c 15  Trapped! c 43  The Search
c 16  Two in Danger c 44  In The Lost City
c 17  Danger Ahead c 45  The Stranger Helps
c 18  A New Peril c 46  The Terrible Cold
c 19  No Escape c 47  What Was That?
c 20  Last Chance c 48  One-Eyed Terror
c 21  The Metal Menace c 49  The Giant Threatens
c 22  Shock Landing c 50  The Awesome Menace
c 23  Victim of the Crash c 51  Readying an Attack
c 24  Opening the Way c 52  The Flying Warrior
c 25  Robot Research c 53  The Battle Begins
c 26  The Strange Planet c 54  In Death's Grip
c 27  The Chariot c 55  Facing the Future
c 28  Robot Reporting c Wrapper

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