The Munsters

(1964 Leaf)


The Munsters trading cards.

The Set

Set title: The Munsters
Producer: Leaf
Year released: 1964
Cards in set: 72
Stickers in set: 16 un-numbered stickers
Wrapper produced: Yes
Card cost (Nrmt): $5.00-$7.00 ea.
Card set cost (Nrmt): $400-$500
Sticker cost (Nrmt): $10.00-$15.00 ea.
Sticker set cost (Nrmt): $225-$275


Set Comments

Very popular set in the same spirit as The Addams Family set. High gloss fronts on Munster cards are easily scratched and/or scored, so move the card around under a decent light when grading. Cards are also subject to wax stains on back.

Shortprints exist and are somewhat tougher to find. #1 and #72 cards sell strongly at significantly higher prices. 

Inserted into each pack of Munsters cards was a smaller, thinner colored Munster Sticker. There are 16 different stickers in the set. Some Munster stickers are easy to locate while others are much tougher to find.

1964 The Munsters: Card Fronts
The Munsters trading cards. Herman Munster.
Grandpa Munster. The Munsters trading cards.
Eddie Munster. The Munsters trading cards.

1964 The Munsters: Card Back
The Munsters trading cards back.

1964 The Munsters: Pack

The Munster wax pack.

1964 Munster Stickers
Munster stickers. Herman, Lilly, Eddie and Grandpa Munster.

1964 The Munsters: Wax Box
Munsters trading cards box.

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