#42 Captive Scientist


An American geologist and his wife meet a man made of stone, deep in the depths of a Mexican mountain. The stone man speaks to them and tells them that he is one of a subterranean race that has lived for centuries beneath the Earth's surface. The excited scientist has dozens of questions to ask. But the questions go unanswered, for the stone man announces to the husband and wife that they are his prisoners.

a 1964 The Outer Limits by Bubbles Inc. a

c   1  The Television Terror c 26  The Death Ray
c  2  The Radio-Active Man c 27  The Doom Machine
c  3  Transparent Creature c 28  Twin Space Terrors
c  4  Terror From Space c 29  Night Of Terror
c  5  Man From Galaxy "X" c 30  The Invader
c  6  The Jelly Creature c 31  The Mind Stealer
c  7  The Unstoppable One c 32  "You Are In My Power"
c  8  Jelly Man Attacks c 33  Incredible Ice Man
c  9  Fangs Of Death c 34  Frozen Terror
c 10  Visit From The Future c 35  Plotting Destruction
c 11  Man From Tomorrow c 36  Bring In The Earthmen
c 12  Monster From Venus c 37  "You Can't Stop Me"
c 13  Horror in the Woods c 38  The Brain Destroyer
c 14  Hunting New Victims c 39  Martian Torture
c 15  The Brainless Glob c 40  The Touch Of Death
c 16  Man With Super Sight c 41  Fearful Foe
c 17  Not Of This World c 42  Captive Scientist
c 18  Invasion of the Sea Beast c 43  Living Nightmare
c 19  The Sea Beast Strikes c 44  The Subterraneans
c 20  Fury of the Sea Beast c 45  The Clay Man
c 21  Prize Catch c 46  Clay Man's Revenge
c 22  The Captive Beast c 47  The Clay Man's Next Victim
c 23  Human Insects c 48  Uninvited Guest
c 24  "Invade Earth" c 49  The Escape
c 25  Thing From Mercury c 50  Destruction of the Clay Man

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